Feeling Left Behind?...

What counts as common sense changes with the ages. At one point in time, it was “common sense” to know how to salt and cure meat yourself. At another point in time, it may have been common sense to know how to properly wear a top hat. Who knows. The point is, those things are lost in time and not relevant at all to a modern person’s everyday life.

In an increasingly connected and digital world, there are certain common sense things to know too. We already learned one – change is the only constant. Common sense for the digital age are loose guidelines to help our minds pivot on (remember, there is no solid base) and adjust. Here are just a few of the kind of “stuff” a student of the digital world will find helpful to know from Terry Heick on TeachThought:

1. A Life Built Around Software

  • Businesses can and do take your media, files, or data with them
  • Nothing is free
  • Learning how to evaluate an app’s privacy permissions


2.The Always-On Audience

  • Knowing the difference between who’s listening, who’s responding, who’s lurking, who cares, who doesn’t care, etc.
  • How to listen with curiosity when there are a million other things to do


3. Human Spaces

  • The relationship between physical and digital spaces
  • The nuance of communication in-person (e.g., eye contact, body language) and in digital domains (e.g., introduction, social following, etc.)


4. Information Sources

  • The best way to find different kinds of information
  • Distinguish fact from opinion, and know the importance of each
  • How to think critically—and carefully–about information


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