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The Hidden Power...

So how do you apply this, dear reader, to your own life and specifically, your online brand or eBusiness? Creating quirky, weird, and unexpected content can help your brand be more memorable to your audience. The above study reveals novelty also positively activates a person’s memory. When the completely new is mixed with the familiar, “subjects’ memory for slightly familiar information was boosted by 19 per cent.” So while your audience is laughing at the cat memes on your Instagram, that content also unconsciously primes them to remember you.

Here are just a few examples of unique, weird, memorable content:

The Absolute Best Things In The World

This article goes over peeling the plastic off something you just bought to finding that one special curly fry in your order of normal french fries. This article relates to all those oddly satisfying simplicities in life no one really talks about but a lot of us experience.

26 Amazing Things That Happen All Around The World In One Day

Did you know that today, “In London Alone, about 93,000 rats will be born?” No... we didn’t know that either. And now that we know it, we can’t un-know it. Thanks novelty-based memory. (Shudder)



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