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“{ijseo_redirect id=298}. Elon Musk is turning his attention back to the internet: he’s awaiting permission to send almost 4,000 small satellites into low-Earth orbit that would beam back a high-speed wireless signal to everyone on the planet. And things are moving fast: Musk hopes to launch a series of test satellites in 2016, with a view to completing the project by 2020.”

In this future prediction, everyone will be perpetually connected. Granted that everyone has a device with internet connectivity, people will have the potential to create content from the depths of the Amazon rain forest to the top of Kilimanjaro. If there are over 72 hours of video being uploaded to Youtube every 60 seconds, when only a certain percentage of the planet has internet connection, just imagine just how much more content will be created once everyone in the world will have internet connection. Online content can be created everywhere.

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