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“{ijseo_redirect id=299}. Breakthrough Computer scientists are perfecting a cryptographic tool for proving something without revealing the information underlying the proof. If you need to disclose personal information to get something done online, it will be easier to do so without risking your privacy or exposing yourself to identity theft.”

The ability to create content everywhere in the world means next to nothing if you’re digital security and online privacy is perpetually at risk. The cryptographic tool scientists are developing is appropriately named zero-knowledge proof. Thanks to global internet connection, content will become more shareable. And because of zero-knowledge proof, shareable content will be private too.

Swomi technology fills in the missing piece to online privacy by allowing people to be in charge of their online content. When you are in charge of your content, you can command what content of yours goes out, who sees your content, and when regardless of whether your content is encrypted or not.

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