Did you know you are an active participant in Content Marketing everyday?



Content begins and ends with the user. Content-Driven Marketing focuses on people – your voice, your needs, your wants. Users are also Creators of Content and Consumers of Content simultaneously. The Content that survives to be circulated is the Content that provides the most value to people, whether that value is a laugh or helpful lifehacks.


Why Content-Driven Marketing?



Long story, short. Content-Driven Marketing works.




Because it gives actual, true value to the user.


Although much of Content Marketing is driven by methods to gain data insights about their audience, Content-Driven Marketing is the closest thing the advertising world has seen to being person-centric not company-centric.

Selfless Instead Of Selfish

Content-Driven Marketing utilizes selflessly giving value to users as a means of converting them into leads.

Content-Driven Marketing is great because the user is not coerced during the customer journey.

Take this completely average scenario in a typical Content-Driven Marketing sales process:

1. Johnny Surfer is riding a wave on the world wide web.

He stumbles on a company’s content while he’s surfing the net from a “More articles you may like” section on the page he is on.

Johnny clicks on “10 Surprising Facts About Malibu Swells” in the “More articles you may like” section.


In this case, the Content he makes first contact with is through automation.

And pretty much all of us have first discovered a brand we really loved through an Ad, social mention, backlink, or social word of mouth.


From here, Johnny Surfer can go either two directions:

1. He likes the Content. He may like it so much that he subscribes to the website’s email newsletter or email forward the article to a friend. He continues on the journey of the buyer's journey.


2. The article doesn’t interest Johnny. He closes the page and Johnny Surfer’s life goes on.


He may have already read another piece of similar content elsewhere, he’s more of skier than a surfer (don’t let the name fool you), or for a million other reasons, wasn’t compelled by the article.



As you can see, people have to meet Content-Driven Marketing halfway.

Overall, people have become quite savvy and a bit jaded about advertisements shoved in their face screaming “YOU WILL LOVE THIS PRODUCT.”

Culturally, we’ve come to see this as borderline aggressive, possibly even insulting. “This advertisement doesn’t know me, doesn’t care to understand me, and only wants me for my money.”

Word Up:

Content-Driven Marketing aims to create reciprocal relationships.

This form of gift-giving builds trust and loyalty with people.

A challenge, especially with the Online Wild, Wild West.

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