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You And Your...

So where do you share your story? Ideally, you want to share your story on a platform where you can have ownership over your content and are able to receive the benefits of that content as a result. That’s where it’s time to turn to content marketing platforms.

What is a content marketing platform? Wordable provides a simple definition:

“A content marketing platform is a software solution that enables marketers to manage and execute a content marketing program in its entirety. Basically, in very simple terms, a content marketing platform helps you do content marketing. It’s right there in the name.”

We couldn’t explain it better ourselves.

To keep it simple, content marketing platforms help manage an editorial process (no matter what type of content you produce), publish or distribute content to your audience, and analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The most popular platform is WordPress. It’s capable of being more than being just a content marketing platform. We can see why it’s so popular. WordPress let’s you build a website, host a blog, and makes it really easy to publish content.

In addition to WordPress is our very own platform, Swomi. Our goal is to help you gain value from your content while you simultaneously market your content.

How do we do this? Our system monetizes your valuable content. Leave it to us to create and curate your content, manage your blog, and automate lead generation. No experience necessary. No technical knowledge necessary.

Skip the learning curve and get straight to earning online.

So if you are intrigued by earning value from your content online, Swomi is the only platform built to give value to the user.


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