It is Content’s world. We just live in it.


Images. Videos. Texts. Selfies. Your Clicks. Views. Activity. Sound.

These are all different types of Content.

What type of content do you create?

Content is anything you do online today.

We all create content.

Majority of us create content mindlessly as a byproduct of using a computer with an internet connection.

But a deliberate few of us leverage the value of online Content, giving us the freedom to travel the world and live our dream lifestyles.

These are the true Content Creators.



And they are living the Content Lifestyle.

Digital Nomads. Side Hustlers. Influencers.

Who is the audience you serve with your Content?

Your answer defines the type of Content Creator you are.

Content is what makes the internet move and exist.

This makes Content Creators the movers and shakers of the digital world.

To be successful in any endeavor online today… it’s all about Content!

The Content Conversation


Content is a conversation. With your content, you are adding your own unique perspective and voice to an idea that already exists.

It’s why music can still be the same 4/4 time signature, same genre, same instruments, and still feel fresh over and over and over again.

The formula is the same with Content.

How many millions of images exist online?

How can we scroll through hundreds of images each day and still be entertained?

It’s because each of those images offer an individual, unique voice. It’s why your Words Have Worth.


Achieve Everything You Want With Content



Now let me tell you how I think you do it. That’s the framework, let’s get to the details. Content. Content. A video, a written word, or a picture. Content. Anything you want to happen – you want to sell sneakers, you want somebody to buy your course, you want to sell homes, I don’t give a shit. No matter what you do in this room, CONTENT – Is the gateway drug to your success.

Wise words by branding expert Gary Vaynerchuck.

He deeply understands that success is created by adding value to people’s lives. And Content is the channel to deliver that value.

Take this post for instance, we are aiming to provide value to you by helping you better understand how the internet works (value).

And with this knowledge, you will go on to be able to better to use the tools of Content and vocabulary to understand Content.

We are creating value for, you the user, when in today’s world, value is only being created for companies.

Your Content awaits to share, my friend.

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