Buyer's Journey From...


We know what we want - a streaming music service. But which one do we want? So we continue researching all the possible methods and approaches to listening to music on our commute. We’re looking to buy.

There’s downloading songs onto our phone, listening to YouTube music videos, or subscribing to an online music streaming service. We’ve heard of Spotify before, but we want to see all that’s out there.

Great expert comparisons like this one on pcmag, really help make our options clear.



Buying time! We’re feeling pretty good about our decision to go with Spotify. That’s because we’ve researched and weighed our options based on price, perceived value, and personal preference.

At this point, we’re ready to seal the deal. But these types of content can just make the purchase that much more happier and enjoyable:

  • Trial Downloads
  • Vendor and Product Comparisons
  • Case Studies
  • Virtual Trade Shows
  • Product Literature
  • User Reviews

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