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Sometimes, a piece of content is so inspirational, informative, and awesome that you want to share it with your whole audience! This process is also known as content curation.

Content curation is key to any successful content marketing strategy. At the same time you want to know what you are doing to to avoid copyright infringement.

Avoid copyright infringement. Sharing other people’s content may seem simple, but it is intertwined with copyright law. As a general rule, copyright in U.S. immediately attaches to anything you create.

Basic Permission. Reach out and ask the content owner if you can use their content. Make sure you outline how you want to use their content.

‘Share’ Function. Many articles include social share buttons where you can simply click an icon and share it to social media. This type of sharing works seamlessly.

Creative Commons. Creative commons is a type of licensing where creators give other people permission to use their work in certain ways. Look at the limitations of the license, if there are any.

Formal License. To do something more than a simple social media share, you will want to agree upon a formal license between you and the content creator.

Link Sharing. Sharing a URL isn’t subject to copyright, so sharing one doesn’t raise copyright infringement issues.

Adding Commentary. If you want to add commentary, share quotes or a link to the main article. Copy and pasting the entire article is a no-no.


Add your value. You want to focus on repurposing content. That means you add to the conversation instead of copying the conversation. Here’s where you can add your value.

Your point of view. You are not me and I am not you. Add your unique perspective on a piece of content and let others see your fresh way of viewing the world. It’s your original voice that keeps others coming back.

Add, Don’t Repeat. Link back to the original content to give proper credit and to show you want to continue the conversation.

Too Much Content? Aggregate. If you have a favorite handful of tutorials, instead of writing an individual blog post for each one, do a cool round up of your favorite tutorials.

Syndicate. Syndication, a technical term for sharing other people’s content on many platforms simultaneously, helps a lot when sharing content.

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