2018 Triple Threat...

With Artificial Intelligence comes automation technology. They naturally go hand in hand as artificial intelligence, especially {ijseo_redirect id=289}, uses:

“highly scooped machine-learning solutions that target a specific task (such as understanding language or driving a vehicle in a controlled environment) with algorithms chose that are optimized for that task, is where the action is today.”

AI has the potential to transform the nature of work itself as AI will be in some way incorporated into every future digital service. Many people become afraid at the thought of a “robot” taking their job. But in reality, Automation technology will simply augment human tasks, not replace people all together. If anything, work can become more fulfilling, creative, and even fun.

For example, the AI and Automation Technology that comes with our Swomi Flyers can curate an audience that is specifically interested in your brand. It can then direct that curated audience to your blog or website.

Before automation, marketers spend hundreds of dollars and hours of research into connecting with their target audience. Thanks to the joys of automation, you can be connected with your ideal audience with as little as a single monthly subscription.

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