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Be responsible for our digital actions and, in turn, technology can also better assist us. Assistive technology specifically helps people that deviate from the norm.

In a world specifically created for only one type of “properly” functioning person, assistive technology can give people new life.

Andrew on VentureECS recounts just how much assistive technology has helped him:

Every day, I rely on assistive technology. I use an overhead barrier-free lift system to get out of bed in the morning. I then use my customized wheelchair to successfully complete my morning routines before leaving for work. To get to work, I ride in a customized van. The van lifts me off the ground and into the van with staff assistance. When people lift you, it can be really scary and sometimes I was injured. I have not gotten injured since I started using mechanical lifts and I feel much more comfortable.”

When creating and implementing technology for the betterment of humankind, technology enhances and helps us live our lives to the fullest even when our bodies begin to fail us.






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