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What Matters When...

Many of us are curious to know the impression we give off. Sometimes we can be unaware as to how the world perceives us. THNK School of Creative Leadership helps by giving us a trust equation we can compare ourselves to. Don’t worry, we won’t be doing any math. It’s simply a set of characteristics that add up to make a trustworthy person. So let’s compare ourselves to the trust equation.

Are you…


  • You have relevant expertise and/ or experience in your field
  • Have a perspective on how to move forward
  • Solve problems


  • Congruent: you walk your talk and follow your own advice
  • Your behavior is consistent and dependable
  • You deliver what you promise (words match actions)

… Intimate?

  • Empathetic
  • Willing to talk about difficult topics
  • Ability to go from professional to personal

… Self-Oriented?

  • Have a degree of focus on yourself and your goals
  • Willing to truly understand the other person (listening)
  • Generous: able to give and take

What areas of THNK’s trust equation are you strong in? Where do you feel you can improve on? By being honest with your answers, you are on your way to being a more trustworthy person.



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