Will you exchange your personal information for some gadgets?

You can get. We repeat. Free Stuff.

Amazon has an entire section of free stuff dedicated to giveaways and promotion freebies called Amazon Giveaways. And these aren’t dinky, throw-away, lame freebies either. They are actually really nice things you would drool over and save up to buy. Here is a Free gift card code generator.

There are the obviously nice things like tablets and electronic devices. Plus, many of the pages and pages of free stuff are 4.5 to 5 star rated with plenty of reviews. In exchange for some of your personal data, like email address or watching a video. You are eligible to receive some cool items.

But is that all there really is to it?

Why Free Stuff?

Why Free Stuff

The massive Amazon giveaway section launched in 2015 and still happening in 2019. It has been one of the internet’s best kept secrets, for both shoppers and promoters.

For users, simply fulfill the requirements for the giveaway. Usually they are really simple tasks, like watching a Youtube video. Many don’t require anything for entry, just that you be logged into your Amazon account.

For promoters, Amazon Giveaway was actually a Sweepstakes and rewards system.

What was once a headache of a process, Amazon Giveaway now helps online marketers run promotions without all the red tape.

Promotion and sweepstakes system

Promotion and sweepstakes system

Why was Amazon Giveaway created? One part of the new self-service tool is Amazon’s attempt to orient itself as a sales and promotion channel. The other part is much more simpler. When looking at the motives of how online companies work today, look at it through the viewpoint of data.

Personal user data is deeply and intensely valuable online. What many people don’t realize is your online personal data has a real, marketable value. Sure you may be getting a “free” ipad. But is it really worth losing your privacy over your personal information?

If someone stopped you on the street, held out an iPhone, and said “I’ll give this to you for free! BUT just give me your name, phone number, shipping and billing address (so I can send it to you, promise),” would you agree? For some of us, it’s a bit creepy.

What’s the catch?

What’s the Catch?

For some of you, the answer is yes. Yes, you would give that stranger all the information they asked for in exchange for that iPhone. “So what?” You think, “My information wasn’t doing anything for me before. But hey look, now I can get a new phone from it!”

Word Up:

Well, guess what? Nothing better than a shiny, new gadget. Yes this is the true dynamic.

Think of it like this: “Free” = “In exchange for"  The old saying, “Nothing in Life is Free” is more true than ever.

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