Can't We All...

There are too many factors to predict exactly how AI will be socially integrated in everyday human life. The best case scenario we have seen is AI enhancing, not replacing, human relationships.

The AI which exists today is considered Weak AI (can do simple task-like functions like facial recognition, internet searches, or driving a car). What Weak AI does best, people normally only do because they need a paycheck. By letting AI do the boring chores, humans can focus on higher functioning, creative processes.

Doing so would lead to more productivity and happiness all around. In 7 Habits Of Highly Functional People, the author Stephen Covey outlines the most efficient results come from focusing on activities that are important, but not urgent. What falls under that category? Relationship building. When focused on people, helicopter supervisors and dictator-like managers transform into trusted mentors, helpers, and role models.

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