U + Others...

That being said, technology is best used to supplement, not entirely replace, social interactions. So here are a few quick, simple steps you can do right now to keep those relationships strong even when you can’t see each other face-to-face.


1. Comment on their blog – interact with their content. Engaging with the conversation is invaluable!

2. Like their posts – super simple. Akin to a virtual hand-wave and nod.

3. Tag them in a photo – if you have a picture together, post it, and tag them in it. Of course, make sure they are okay with you sharing their picture first.

4. Give them a mention – When doing your own posts, a mention is a great way to give a shout out. You can also @mention them in the comments section of interesting content so they are directly linked to it.

5. Skype meet-up – the next best thing to meeting in person is a video call



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