The Online Advertising Industry has a few new programs up its sleeve.

The internet advertising company and technology overlord, Google, has rebranded it’s branch of Advertising. Goodbye Google Adwords. Hello Google Ads.

Don’t get too giddy just yet. There are a few shiny new functions that come with this mini reorganization.

Google Ads acts like the “front door” for advertising companies purchase ads on various Google channels such as Maps, Youtube, Google Search, and Play Store.

And you thought Google Ads was just another pretty face.

Hope your pen and notepad is still out, though. There’s a few new kids in the Google classroom we have yet to meet.

Rebranded And Reorganized Advertising Industry
Behind Door #1 – Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform is a blend of DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite. In 2008, Google dropped $3.1 billion to buy DoubleClick, which allows marketers to manage their campaigns and collect analytics on how someone has browsed online. Google Analytics 360 Suite gives performance data on advertisements.

Behind Door #2 – Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager allows publishers that sell their online advertising inventory to brands, allowing them to do what they do best, sell. Thank DoubleClick For Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange for this one.

This Is Your Brain On Google Adwords – sorry, Ads

Rebranded And Reorganized Advertising Industry Mobile

Advertising accounts for a huge portion of Google’s revenue. Combining several software into just three applications can help make connecting to customers easier for brands.

And because of the complex nature of content marketing, Google hopes to make the process much simpler with their new tools.

Content Marketing and how customers relate to businesses is in flux. The evolution can be seen in real-time with yesterday’s recent passing of California’s historic privacy bill effective 2020.

But Google’s new technology is called Google Ads, not Google Content Marketing. Nevertheless businesses can use the analytics from Google Ads, Google Ad Manager, and Google Marketing Platform to enhance their Content Marketing Game.

What is the difference between Advertising and Marketing you ask?

Rebranded And Reorganized Advertising Industry Ads

“Advertising is focused on getting you to buy a product or service.

Marketing helps you establish why it’s needed.

Advertising tends to be far more transactional. Marketing isn’t always so.

Advertising works particularly well in a mature market where need has already been established. Where demand already exists.

Marketing is required to create, sustain or shift that market in your favor.

Marketing can create demand. Advertising can capitalize on it.

Advertising allows you to focus more specifically on prospects deep into the funnel, at the end of the buying process.

But if you’re still trying to challenge a prospect or market’s status quo, still trying to get them to commit to change or action, that requires a more sophisticated approach to marketing.

The differences between advertising and marketing aren’t quite this black and white of course. Just remember that there’s a distinct difference between selling what you do vs. what it does. That it’s available vs. why it exists.

There’s a difference between not needing it, and not knowing that you need it” (HeinzMarketing).

There you have it. Knowing the difference can help keep your business strategy in perspective and know which tools and tactics to use and when.

Word Up:

Google’s new developments pave the way for smaller entities to know where to steer their advertising and marketing strategies. Which is a plus for all budding digital nomads, side hustles, and influencers. Sorry kids, Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager is a big boy’s game with a big boy’s price for now. For an alternative, created and priced to level the playing field, check out SwomiBUZZ Flyers  here.

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