2019 - The Year...

Quantum computers sound like they’re from the year 2190, but alas, they are here with us in the measly year of 2019. Quantum computers are the latest evolution in computing. True to their name, quantum computers use quantum mechanics.

As explained by Wikipedia, “A classical computer has a memory made up of bits, where each bit is represented by either a one or a zero. A quantum computer, on the other hand, maintains a sequence of qubits, which can represent a one, a zero, or any quantum superposition of those two qubit states.”

In other words, quantum computers are incredibly powerful machines. They are designed to use laws of quantum mechanics to solve complex and fascinating laws of nature like untangling intricate molecular and chemical bonding structures.


10. Truthful Consumerism

This underlies all the others in this list. Without the truth, consumers will have a hard time engaging and trusting anything, invention or not.

What do we mean by truth? We mean reliable, instantly accessible, useful, and unbiased information. If your brand can do that, then people everywhere will be on your side.

As a brand, the only way to ensure your survival is to deliver authentic, meaningful value.

Key words to keep in mind? Transparency. Aspiration. Positive Impact. Tolerance. Empowerment.

And it’s not enough to talk the talk. To walk the walk, have a long-term plan to have a positive impact on the planet, society, and individuals.

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