We can learn a thing or two from Banksy on being fearlessly authentic.

Who better to learn about Online Credibility than the infamous, Social-media shunning graffiti artist, Banksy?

Surprisingly, a lot.

Anonymous, yet highly credible, Banksy is already playing the online game by using the streets of cities worldwide as his online forum.

How did he build his credibility when no one even knows who he is?

We picked our favorite 5 Life Lessons from Banksy that help understand that very question.


1. Let your actions match your words


It’s the wild west out here. And if you’re reading this, you’re most likely familiar with the less-than-stellar reputation the internet has (haywire internet hacking stories are all too common).

This Banksy piece points out the huge gap between what we do and what we say. Break the mold and promise what you can deliver. Let’s all bring credibility and trust to the world wide web. Your Words Have Worth


2. Utilize Kindness


“Kill ‘em with Kindness” as the saying goes. In both the saying and this Banksy piece, our expectations are disrupted. Fight fire with...flowers? ...What!?

Unfortunately, people today are jaded from being over-sold, over-marketed, and over-advertised to, especially in the digital world. Disrupt your audience’s expectations by genuinely providing them content they find real value from. That you can do with Content Marketing (we’re real fans of it here at SwomiBuzz). Content provides value. Advertising interrupts.


3. Listen to your Heart


Listening to your heart is a brave and courageous act. Base your brand on authenticity, and your audience reciprocates 100%. Everyone wants to believe in something real and meaningful. Your brand can be that something for people to be inspired and motivated by. One of the simplest things we can do is listen. Listen to what your audience wants, what they need help with, and how you can best serve them.


4. Express Yourself


Whether you express yourself with words or with puking flowers, the world benefits when we share our truth and our stories. This Banksy piece reminds us to stay true to expressing what we want to say to the world. You can listen to your heart all you want, but to make that exercise worthwhile, you must take action. Expression!


5. Don't Let Others Deter You


This last piece, located in Boston, hits home for so many Digital Entrepreneurs, Online Marketers, and Lifestyle Influencers. The laptop lifestyle is an unconventional, exciting adventure that so many people still don’t understand or accept. This can lead to a lot of friction. Here, Banksy reminds us we can’t let external influences deter living our dreams. SwomiBuzz is a place online where we celebrate the laptop lifestyle, digital nomads, and anyone in-between who is living their life thanks to the value they gain from their online content.


Word Up:

That's what we took away from Banksy's inspiring art. What lesson really resonated with you?

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