Asia, Europe, South America, and beyond... Where will 2018 take You?




Oh, The Places You'll Go

The best cities to be a Digital Nomad - some are unexpected and others are tried and true favorites.

The best thing about being a Digital Nomad?

You can go to all the cities on this infograph! The world is your oyster.

The destinations cherry-picked for this infograph is inspired by Chris The Freelancer, a Digital Nomad who lives and works in around 30+ cities worldwide. In other words, an expert at living the Content Lifestyle.

His first-hand experience advice adds incredible value to the destinations on this list. Chris speaks from personal experience in his video while simultaneously keeping an objective point of view.

This helps viewers like us make a decision on which destination best suites our individual circumstances. It also makes it so much easier to decide on where to go when someone has already laid the groundwork for us to venture into unknown territory.

Want a western-style standard of living, but still want the new experience of a completely different culture? Koh Lanta is calling your name.

Or are you an EU citizen that wants to dip your toes into the location independent lifestyle? Las Palmas De Gran Canaria welcomes you with open arms to live and work within the EU while still soaking in that tropical climate.


Word Up:

You know you can do it!

It's just making that decision and taking that first step.

Sit back, relax, and watch Chris The Freelancer's video here if this infograph still leaves you hungry for more.

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