How to make this year’s trending content marketing strategies work for your personal brand.

Of course your personal brand needs a 2018 update. With everything that’s swimming out there, your personal brand needs a fighting chance. If you really want to dazzle away your audience, check out these creative ideas for taking your personal brand to the next level.

1. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Your Personal Brand

Here’s a cool idea for the beauty makeup bloggers out there (we know there are a quite a few of you). ModiFace lets you try on completely customizable makeup looks in real-time augmented reality. Smokey eyes, ombre hair, dramatic lipstick – the types of looks you can try are endless.

There are so many choices that your audience may just need some help knowing what exactly to try out.

Here’s an idea – give your audience some pre-made settings for ModiFace.

It will be a great foundation for them to get started. Then throw a contest giveaway prize for whoever has the most glam AR makeup shot.


A promotional giveaway and user-generated content just generated for your brand. Plus you can feature it on your personal blog profile to show your future clients.


2. Personalization and Your Personal Brand

How can your Personal Brand become even MORE personalized, you ask? Happy you asked.

For one, keep your personal information on your blog short and sweet.

Clients and audiences love to read your “about us” section, but keep it focused on what value you can deliver instead of you whole lifestory.

Here’s an idea – if you find you work with a core of three different groups of people, provide three different value statements of what value each type of client, or audience, can expect.

3. Artificial Intelligence Automation and Your Personal Brand

Here is where the behind-the-scenes of your Personal Brand can take a little break.

Automate boring, repetitive tasks so you can save your sanity and spend more time building your brand.

Have a newsletter sign up?

A pretty universal favorite is Mailchimp. It can automatically send your welcome emails whenever you have a new sign up.

Bonus personalization tips for including the first name of your new subscriber with your welcome email.

4. Livestreaming and Your Personal Brand

Livesteaming is huge and only snowballing into a bigger deal.

Livestreaming can work wonders for your personal brand because people immediately feel more connected when seeing something live.

It’s easy to create an intimate and genuine connection when people can feel like they are sharing that specific event in time with other people. If you can find a 24-hour livestream that relates to your brand, having that constant livestream constantly showing on your blog will give your brand that “live” feature plus provide some real-time content for your users.


Word Up:

We showed you four different ways you can incorporate the latest Content Marketing Technology Trends with your Personal Brand. What better way to keep your image fresh?

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