There’s a gift for every type of Dad in our Unique Tech Gifts roundup.


Dad. Pops. Father. Papa. Padres. Old Man. Daddy. Daddy-O. Pa. Chief.

No matter what you call him, there’s a gift for every type of Dad in our Unique Tech Gifts roundup. Check out what will vibe with your Daddy Dearest!


1. For the Hipster Dad - The Bripe™ Coffee Brew Pipe Kit

If you’re Dad’s record player can’t take anymore LP’s and has plaid shirts for days, gift ol’ Daddy-O a Bripe! Looks like a pipe, but really is a coffee brewer for a mini shot of coffee, espresso, or tea. The kit includes a pipe, thermometer, reusable filter, torch, cooling plate, carrying case, and coffee tube. Now Pops can say he had the Bripe before it was cool.


2. For the Hungry Dad - DipClip Sauce Holder for Your Car

Does your dad get so excited for his drive-through takeout chicken nuggets that those little suckers are gone before he hits your home’s driveway? It’s an addiction, we know. But if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. The DipClip Sauce Holder at least prevents the BBQ stains and potential car accidents. Win!


3. For the Tactical Dad - BigMouth Inc The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron


Forget being a fumbling father at this holiday’s backyard celebrations. This one’s for a real man’s dad who likes to grill to celebrate Father’s Day. We really dig the camo.


4. For the New Age Dad - Levitating Moon Light

Ohmmm… The surreal Levitating Moon Light will help your dad open the chakras at the touch of a button. The Light lasts 8700 hours and will feng shui perfectly next to his energy stone collection.


 5. For the Retro Gamer Dad - Game Boy Watch


“Back in my day...we pressed buttons!” The mini Game Boy on your Retro Gamer Dad’s watch has “extremely satisfying buttons to fiddle with” while giving him that sweet, sweet taste of nostalgia every time he checks the time.


6. For the Lazy Tech Dad - iPad Mount Clear Shower Curtain Liner


So crazy, it’s crazy enough to work... as a favorite everyday go-to for your tech addicted Padre! This 100% waterproof clear shower curtain protects iPads and phones so your dad won’t need to stop his “Silicon Valley” Netflix binge.


7. For the Drunk Dad - Shot Glass Ice Molds




For Dads who like to unwind this Father’s day with a shot of tequila, or two, or three… or four. These shot glasses are made of ice. Perfect for June’s hot weather. And they leave no trace. No mess, no fuss. How many shots did you all actually have? We’ll just have to check our social media photos the next day.


8. For the Dog Lover Dad - USB Humping Dog


Give your ol’ man the gift of laughter. This USB comes with high-tech dog humping action. It will be a definite hit at the office. Or not. We haven’t tested this one out yet.


9. For the Wet Dad - Texting Umbrella



For the helicopter parent that is dedicated enough to fight a storm WHILE they aggressively text you to know where you are. This umbrella’s comfy finger grip allows his fingers to hold the umbrella, leaving Mr. Dad’s thumbs free to send emoji’s all day.


10. For the Bad-Dad-Jokes Dad - Knocki


Knock, Knock. Who's there? Knocki! The Knocki is a super cool device that turns any surface into a remote control. Set unique knocking patterns with the Knocki to control all different types of gadgets around the house. Knock once to turn the TV on. Knock twice to change the channel. Repeat.


11. For the Forgetful Dad - Travelmate Robotic Suitcase


Kind of like the travel version of a Roomba, the Travelmate Robotic suitcase will follow your dad around the airport using a signal from his smartphone. It’s built-in sensors will avoid bumping into people or objects. No more losing suitcases or throwing out his back! Plus your Father will look especially cool and futuristic.


12. For the Hot Dad - Night Runner Shoe Light


It takes a lot to stay hot. Hot dads do whatever it takes to keep up their masculine figure. If that means jogging at night after the kids are warmly tucked into bed, then so be it! These lights securely clip onto any type of shoe to help Hot Dads see at night while he gets his workout on.


13. For the Photographer Dad - Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer With Zero Ink Printing Technology



What do you get when a Photographer Dad meets a mobile, pocket sized printer that instantly prints pictures with NO INK and NO Wires? It even comes in different colors and works for android or iOS phones and tablets. That’s one happy Dad.


Word Up:

Happy Father's Day! We hope you can find a gift for your dad from one of our suggestions. Who says you need to wait until next Father's Day to get your old man a gift? Ready, set, get your shop on!

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