The internet is new but people are still the same.

Documentaries, reality shows, interviews, guest features...people are naturally curious about other people.

The best advice? Leverage this inherent curiosity and place Humanity front and center in your content.

Content, after all, adds value to the reader. To create content without considering your audience is a bit self-defeating. At that point, you may as well just be advertising, an interruption.

What does people-centric content look like?

1. Stories

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Our brains are hardwired to understand, remember, and connect with a good story. It’s how ancient people told stories that survived thousands of years before the invention of paper and recorded history.

Be genuine with your audience and share authentic stories. What were your struggles? What did you learn along the way? How did you feel when you finally succeeded?

If you’re not keen on sharing your story, then share other people’s stories. Think Influencers or other people you look to for inspiration.

Share your team member’s stories.

Broaden your scope even wider and share stories of causes or movements your brand’s “Why” aligns with.

For example, Swomi loves to share the story of Tutanota, fellow believers in empowering users online. Tutanota does so with private email. Swomi does so by providing value to people with online content.

Stories help humanize your brand and emotionally connect with your audience.

2. Faces

Winning Secret

Put a face to your story.

And not just any face. Eye tracking data proves stock photos are, for the most part, ignored. But when it’s images of people, say portraits of your team, engagement shoots up.

Double points if these photos are candid and not polished and staged. It gives people someone to relate to in your company rather than see your board of directors as untouchable entities.

Again it’s the humanizing factor. People do business with real people, not logos!

3. Videos


Videos literally put your images in motion and paint the picture more vividly to tell the whole story that images just aren’t capable of doing. Feature the processes and behind-the-scenes of your brand. And remember, it’s all about people. So highlight the people who are making your brand move – people in the front line, your collaborators, or even yourself.

4. Social Media

Social Media

Be SOCIAL on social media. The internet is the great equalizer and it gives a chance for your audience to engage with people previously thought to be untouchable. Let your personality shine through, be authentic, but not inappropriate, and your audience will come to better trust who you are and your company.

Word Up:

What kind of person or people are you curious about?

*Focus on people. Their stories, ideas, insights, perspectives and opinions.

*Inject humour and personality, or gravitas when needed.

*Less editing, gloss and perfection, a little more rawness and genuine cred.

-Trevor Young, PRWarrior

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