2019 - The Year...

We love the mobility smartphones give us. But it can be a bummer when you can’t enjoy your smartphone’s high quality display on that teeny tiny screen. How can mobility be combined with a decent viewing experience? It’s a common conundrum.

No worries, we live in the future. And foldable screens are here! Samsung and Huawei have been teasing the idea of releasing a foldable smartphone since 2013.

Now Samsung has unveiled its version of the foldable smartphone. They call their foldable smartphone technology the Infinity Flex Display. It can run three apps at once, fold out to a 7.3 inch tablet display, and fold into a candybar-like form that can make calls.


2. AI Becomes Smarter

Artificial Intelligence is already well, intelligent enough to be running many digital devices behind the scenes. AI will only continue to make breakthroughs as they learn from the vast amounts of data created every day. But there have been limitations because only narrow AI exists so far (AI that can only do simple tasked-based functions).

The end of 2019 won’t see fully functional general AI, but Narrow AI will be a lot more common. You won’t have a self-driving car parked in your driveway just yet.

The integration of narrow AI will be slow one. This looks like AI improving cybersecurity, doing better data analysis, and automating a few more repetitive human tasks.

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